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Why should you choose Kairos?

The team at Kairos Learning Solutions is composed of talented and passionate educators whose main goal is to serve your student's academic and personal needs. 

Specialized Attention

Our entire business model is designed to meet the individual needs of your child. We consider it an honor to determine a child's strengths and growth areas and help them to reach their full potential.   


Professional Tutors

Each and every one of our teachers and tutors has high levels of experience and proficiency in their respective subjects. On top of that, they are all outgoing, friendly, empathetic and interesting individuals.

Goal-Oriented Mentorship

For students of all ages, we bring a unique blend of tutoring, group instruction, mentoring, and soft skills to each interaction. The Kairos family is honored to serve your student, to help facilitate their academic and personal growth, and to provide them with a safe space to have fun and learn!

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