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From Kairos Students and Parents

Kairos has been the silver lining for our family during the past year. Our child has gained so much confidence in her abilities and has been encouraged to step outside her comfort zone. PRICELESS. The opportunities that were offered would not have happened if Kairos hadn't been born. 

J.F., High School Parent

We love Kairos because our teachers have helped up get through hard times, taught us lessons, and brought us up when we were down. Kairos also has cool classes like science and Spanish. These classes will come in handy when we grow up. That's why we love Kairos Learning Center!

M.M. & R.B., Elementary School Students

Kairos was the lifeline that my middle schoolers needed to keep them afloat over the duration of the pandemic. When their motivation to keep up with their assignments (and our hope) was at its lowest, the guidance and encouragement they received at Kairos was the only thing that kept them going. We are so grateful for Kairos and its caring, dedicated staff!

C.C., Middle School Parent

Testimonials: Testimonials

Kairos has been our saving grace this past year! My child has enthusiasm, and excitement to go to school and learn, something I haven't seen from her in awhile due to current circumstances. Thank you for giving her the joy for learning and an opportunity to interact with great teachers and friends!

A.R., Elementary Parent

Kairos to me has not only helped me succeed but helped me as an individual. I have built so many friendships. I have learned how to start a website and be a part of a board. Kairos is like a big family. The teachers are amazing and very much helpful. Thank you to Kairos for helping stay on track and learn so much that I will use in life down the road.

N.H., High School Student

I am so appreciative of having Kairos this year. It gave us community, amazing educational support, and most of all, made a tough year better! What amazed me were the many unexpected, extra, "outside the box" educational experiences- highlights such as a life coach, learning to organize and write a college application, and helping building a website. Each activity was such a gift in helping our kids this year and way beyond!

C.R., High School Parent

Karios has helped me through such a hard time. At first I was so unsure about this new experience, I soon found out it would change my life for the better. Karios is the place I look forward to everyday! It is now one of my happy places!

E.F., High School Sophomore

Kairos has helped me so much this year. Kairos has helped me with my homework. I have also been taught 6th grade math as a 5th grader. I love Kairos!

A., Elementary School Student

Kairos has been a great experience. It has given me the opportunity to make so many close friendships. It has also allowed me to learn so much and thrive in my classes. Overall, it has been a fantastic year and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

W.H., High School Junior

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